The World Center For Integrative Medicine is an Association constituted and legally registered by Constitutive Act and Bylaws and non-profit with the purpose of serving all communities and with the purpose of promoting Integrative Medicine and in particular, New Integrative Medicine and for all those looking for an innovative therapeutic and prophylactic response in relation to human and animal health – health | illness.

We are the medical science associated with research, knowledge of the evolution of time and hence, new technologies, always present in all specialties and methods – pharmacopoeias – prophylactic and therapeutic pharmacodynamics, based on the evolutionary basis of the various medicinal areas and intertwined with the investigation of disease and drugs, dietary supplements and food supplements of the Pharmacopoeia of Naturopathy, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and the Allopathic Pharmacopoeia; being available to everyone, especially those seeking help in the area of ​​human and veterinary health.

From external medical diagnoses and prognoses, we participate and analyze them holistically.

We demand good medical practice from all homeopathic, allopathic and naturopathic physicians and from all who seek to dignify the practice of medicine in favor of a more colorful life.
The same applies to all researchers and pharmacologists | pharmacists who analyze and formulate in isolation or in combination – Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, Allopathic Pharmacopoeia and Naturopathic Pharmacopoeia.

The World Center For Integrative Medicine’s innovative medicine model is not limited to the current practices of Integrative Medicine, which are based on limited fundamentals and derived from conventional holistic medicine.
Our medical model includes diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and systemic or “in situ” therapies that are aligned with our innovative Integrated Pharmacology and made up of Specific and Personalized Protocols.
We promote cross-cutting policies (gender, disability, Insufficiency, race/ethnicity, ideologies and emotional training.
We are the integrated management of medicine and society.

From Naturist Medicine – phytochemicals and derivatives of animal or human origin and minerals; molecular medicine – synthesis – Allopathic and Homeopathy – dynamization – dilutions – (infinitesimal nanotechnology), are part of Integrative Medicine and contribute effectively and together with a new conventional approach, which contributes to us finding better and new answers in good time, in order to balance and regain health. Thus, and at the same time, it is extremely important to develop a more affirmative and interventional medicine in preventive and therapeutic terms.

It is at Natura and its kingdoms that we source raw material, which, investigated, processed and manipulated in its various states of matter, allow researchers and especially health professionals, scientists, pharmacological producers and manipulators, to choose new strategies technological and biological technologies that allow the discovery of new combinations and substances for different uses and in particular for human and veterinary health.
Today, as yesterday, science and technology embrace and are unanimous in considering chronic or acute disease as a whole – a set of syndromes and recognizing that they manifest themselves in a systemic or “in situ”, invasive or non-invasive way.

Naturopathy is based on the form of supply and processing, taking advantage of ancestral knowledge associated with biological knowledge and reactions – symptomatology and cause-effect – diagnoses.

Thus, scientists analyze and engage in formulations and compositions in the discovery of new remedies or medicines for different pathologies, taking into account illnesses and therapies, beauty and quality of life; considering the history, origin, isolated or combined effect, physiological, psychological, physiognomic and biochemical properties, reactions and effects – mechanisms of action, toxicities, analyses, relationship, statistics, side effects, incompatibilities, tolerance, dosages, modes of administration and or dosages.

It is in this regard that the World Center Medicine Integrative investigates and creates Specific and Personalized Protocols for classified and diagnosed diseases, with specific bidirectional systemic or “in situ” targets, that is, that have as their objective – cause and effect; systemic reaction and response or not, in prophylactic and therapeutic terms.

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