In my capacity as Founding Member and President of the World Center For Integrative Medicine, it is an honor to address You with the utmost consideration and with the expectation to convey to you a simple, well-condensed and understandable notion about science and medicine and their paths, always evolving, in the time of yesterday and today, in sequence tomorrow and in particular, starting from an overview until we arrive at our innovative Integrative Medicine.

Life is living science, it is the pillar of pollination, it is the reaction of the amalgams of the alloys of all metals from dilution and crystallization. It symbolizes the liquor of procreation, it is heterogeneous and homogeneous and manifests itself in the balance or imbalance of Chemistry and Physics involving the genomes and the chromosome chain. They integrate and form the fusion or repulsion of matter and that are associated with electromagnetic fields, altering and giving rise to fertile or sterile pollinations, which in particular, in human or animal terms, we could call hormonal imbalances and that form equivalent rings (++ +) (—), both isolates are morbid with physiological and psychological effects, or even in exceptional cases, the mixture of both in the same organism, the (+ -) corresponds to balance and the (++-) we qualify as satyriasis and the (–+) to nymphomania, corresponding to a personalized imbalance or derived sequences, such as syndromes or diseases classified as “rare”.

The World Center For Integrative Medicine is an Association dedicated to Ethnobiology – a multidisciplinary ethnopharmacological research, diagnosis, prevention and therapies aimed at health and well-being, comprising the pharmacopoeias of Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Allopathy. We believe and are convinced of the benefits of Integrative Medicine and we want to contribute to a healthier society. Our research and evidence is our support that encourages us to do more and better for all who seek health.

The World Center For Integrative Medicine is formed by heterogeneous and homogeneous professionals from different areas.

My highest and noble greetings to You.

Manuel António Rocha (Dr.)

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