As a rule, health professionals generally make recommendations to most patients and especially to all who benefit from the Specific Personalized Protocols – prophylactic and or therapeutic of the World Center For Integrative Medicine in relation to diet and nutrition, as well as some advice related to bad habits or inherited customs.

In this context, we reinforce and improve these methods.

These methods can be temporary or permanent, it will all depend on the doctor Dietitian | Nutritionist, who can make changes in accordance with the requirements of the Specific Personalized Protocol and the situation and/or evolution (diagnosis and prognosis) of the disease.

Each Specific Personalized Protocol presents its diet and nutrition, required and directed to each interested party, for a faster and more effective result.

In general terms, all Customized Specific Protocols (prophylactic and/or therapeutic) have a specificity that varies according to several studied and recommended patterns.

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